Wine Folly launches Argentina Region Guide with Napa Valley & Bordeaux coming out later this year.

June 15th, 2021

SEATTLE, June 15, 2021 - Following the successful launch of the Walla Walla Valley Region Guide in February 2021, Folly Enterprises has announced their product road map for Wine Folly Region Guides and Global Wine Database for the remainder of 2021.

The Walla Walla Valley Region Guide is a dynamic wine region guide with over 70% of the wineries in the region participating. Powered by Global Wine Database (GWBD), the producer controlled data in the guide updates in real-time whenever wines are added or updated.

The next phase of Wine Folly Region Guides releasing in 2021 starts today with the release of the Argentina Region Guide followed by Napa Valley, California and Bordeaux, France.

Wine Folly: Argentina Region Guide

These guides will add thousands of producers, wines, and wineries to GWDB, further bolstering the already impressive list of wineries taking advantage of the cloud-based product information database.

David Gluzman, CEO of Folly Enterprises commented, "Accurate, producer controlled data has been a missing piece in the wine industry. Region Guides are a great marketing tool for Regions, Wineries, and Producers to share their stories about the wine they make."

“GWDB offers wineries the ability to control their data and story.” Gluzman continued, “With the Walla Walla Region Guide, we saw a tremendous response from producers in the region, who have entered over 750 wines to date and continue to update their data with new releases.”

“Tens of millions of consumers depend on for information about wine and we expect Wine Folly Region Guides to help millions more!”

The Argentina Region Guide is powered by GWDB and combines the award winning style of content from Wine Folly, making each region approachable and fun to learn about. Approximately 60% of Argentina's wineries have updated their wines ahead of the formal Argentina Region Guide launch.

Madeline Puckette, co-founder of and Chief Design Officer at Folly Enterprises commented; "Providing a delightful experience to learn about wine has always been the mission of Wine Folly. Region Guides are a big step for the industry as we’re empowering producers to tell their stories. Consumers can now explore regions in an entirely new and accurate way.”

Producers from all regions can add their wines to Global Wine Database for free and are encouraged to reach out if they are interested in participating in the 2022 slate of Region Guides currently in development.

Wine Folly - Argentina Region Guide:

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