Wine Folly launches world’s first region guide with producer controlled data from Global Wine Database

February 25th, 2021

CALGARY, SEATTLE, February. 25th, 2021 - In the first major collaboration since combining efforts in 2019, Folly Enterprises have released the Walla Walla Valley Wine Region Guide. The guide is powered by producer-controlled wine data from Global Wine Database (GWDB). Wine Folly Region Guides fundamentally change the way consumers engage with wine and wine regions by offering a useful and accurate digital experience built with data directly from wine producers.

The new guide takes readers on an approachable, informative journey through the region's wines and wineries. Madeline Puckette, co-founder of and Chief Design Officer at Folly Enterprises commented; “We paired Wine Folly's delightful wine education style with Walla Walla Valley's producers and wines. It creates a new way to discover wines. Plus, when producers update their information, the guide updates, making it evolve dynamically.”

"By learning about the people, the place, and its history, we have a greater context for how to find great wines and wineries,” said Puckette. “This is part of Folly's core mission.”

David Gluzman, CEO of Folly Enterprises commented; “This is a big step in our vision to deliver accurate and consistent wine data around the world that helps consumers learn about wine, while giving control of the facts to the producers. This guide represents over 100 wineries and over 650 wines.”

By including their data, producers are accessing a new channel for their wines and winery to be discovered by new customers. “This is an opportunity for wineries to reach millions of people that would be otherwise challenging and expensive to engage with” said Gluzman. “This is a quick and easy way to open up the rapidly growing direct-to-consumer channel”.

Josh McDaniels, Board President of Walla Walla Valley Wine and CEO and Director of Winemaking for Bledsoe Wine Estates added; “We are thrilled to collaborate with Folly Enterprises and tap into this powerful tool to tell the story of the land, the wine and the people of the Walla Walla Valley through complete and accurate data directly from our region’s wineries.”

Producers are encouraged to claim their winery on GWDB and add their data to ensure they’re included in future Region Guides from Wine Folly. “This is the first of many Region Guides being released in 2021 and beyond. Creating your profile is the best way to ensure you’re included in future Wine Folly Region Guides.”

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Folly Enterprises are the people behind the Wine Folly ( and Global Wine Database ( brands. We’re focused on producing compelling user experiences and products that have a significant impact on the wine industry.

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Walla Walla Valley Wine is a nonprofit wine industry membership organization whose primary mission is to build an internationally acclaimed Walla Walla Valley wine brand among consumers, media, and trade by providing marketing programs on behalf of member wineries, vineyards, and partners. Walla Walla Valley Wine functions as the leading informational resource for consumers, media and trade interested in learning more about the Valley’s wine industry.

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