and accurate
wine information.

Folly Enterprises was created through a business merger between Wine Folly & Global Wine Database.

Our goal is to provide engaging, informative, and accurate global wine information for consumers and businesses alike.

Wine information is poor


Limited information on the products for both consumers and trade

Digital assets

Photography, maps, and regional information is hard to find and inconsistent.

Regional information

Not based on facts (no one knows how many wineries or vineyards exist)

Global standards

There are no global standards to describe wine information


Technical information is shared on paper or PDFs


General misinformation about wine whether purposeful or accidental

Thought experiment

How much time, energy and money would one spend to input 15,000 wines into a retail environment?

What information is required to educate consumers? Run reports? Make future buying decisions?

Product information changes every year.

Folly brands

What we offer

Wine producers

An easy to use cloud based system to store information - FREE.

Education & media

Helping teach the facts along side information directly from the source.

Governance & commissions

Information about regions, appellations, specific vintages and trends.

Marketplace, apps & retail

Standardized, strongly typed information easily applied via our APIs.

Research & innovation

Build large data models and apply machine learning algorithms.

Import, export, distribution & logistics

Technical information and automations to reduce costs.

Solutions for the modern world of wine

It is our passion, drive, and folly to serve our industry as stewards of information and advocate for wine in our future.