Wine Folly Releases The First Ever Dynamic Wine Region Guide of Napa Valley

July 15th, 2021

SEATTLE, July 15, 2021 - The first dynamic Napa Valley Region Guide with over 550 wineries and 7500 wines showcasing small and large wineries is now available to the public. The facts are controlled by the producers and updated in near real-time as it’s updated. Direct-buy links provide a new marketing channel for wineries to reach millions of new customers.

Consumers and wine professionals alike can be sure they’re getting the most accurate and reliable information about Napa Valley directly from the source. Learning about Napa Valley has never been easier or more accessible.

Wine Folly Region Guide: Napa Valley

Award winning communicator and James Beard winner, Madeline Puckette, co-founder of and Chief Design Officer at Folly Enterprises commented; “Napa Valley might be known for Cabernet Sauvignon but that only scratches the surface of what the region has to offer. We’ve managed to craft a unique experience to explore the entire region and its sub-AVAs from your phone.”

“The amount of content in this guide would fill several books!”

Visitors to the region have the ability to plan their trip before arriving and fine-tune while there to have the best experience possible. David Gluzman, CEO of Folly Enterprises commented; “The guide is a constantly updated encyclopedia of Napa Valley. Explore wineries by sub-regions or the wines by their appellation.”

“There is no simpler, easier way to comprehensively explore Napa Valley.”

Wine Folly Region Guides have been developed utilizing cutting edge technology best practices, ensuring a blazing fast user experience accessible from any device.” Aaron Glenn, CTO of Folly Enterprises commented; “A deeply data-rich wine region guide with many thousands of dynamic, constantly up-to-date pages is a technological feat on it’s own. The speed and flexibility of this guide is first class.”

The guides are updated in near real-time allowing producers to constantly add and edit wines as new vintages become available.

Wine producers will be unlocking a brand new marketing and direct-to-consumer channel to a traditionally difficult segment of the market: Millennials and Gen Z.

Wine Folly expects to reach millions of consumers around the world looking to learn and explore Napa Valley. Participation in this guide is free through the Global Wine Database (, however, they can access extra features by subscribing to a Pro Plan which unlocks more trade tools, analytics, reporting, and cross marketing opportunities.

Wine Folly - Napa Valley Region Guide:

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